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Get your time back. Forget about Stress.

There is a betterway to screen applicants and resumes.


At JobSifter we sort out unsuitable candidates before they even apply, using a dead simple way, with little to no friction.

Not only that, we take care of the resume reviewing for you, making sure you get only the best applicants.


We know it. You know it.


Screening applications and resumes is one of the most time-consuming recruitment process steps. A recruiter who’s been in the business for any length of time will tell you that 75% to 80% of resumes they receive are unqualified.

That can translate into a whole lot of wasted time, and wasted time does NOTtranslate into placements made.

What about the applicant?

Far from ideal.

Most job postings will put the applicant through “form hell”, forcing them to fill long, convoluted questionnaires, with no barrier of any kind preventing the candidate from applying.

The result?

60% of job seekers quit filling job applications, because they find them too detailed, complex, and time-consuming.

And even then, hundreds if not thousands of resumes come in, most of them unqualified, costing the organization time and resources.

A friction-free screening process.


Imagine now a system that could solve these inefficiencies, fast tracking your hiring process without forcing you to make a judgment in a few seconds, which could very well leave good applicants out of the race for a particular position due to poorly crafted resumes.

Here's how we do it at JobSifter:

The applicant:

we start shortlisting the number of candidates by making a form containing up to 4 questions, meant to weed out those who under no circumstance are eligible.

Are you 18 years old or older? No? Thanks, but you can´t continue.

Candidates are also met with custom forms and personalized answers, which is good for your brand.

You, the hiring manager/Recruiter:

Humans review every resume we receive based on a matrix developed specially for this purpose, taking into consideration the information provided by you.

We offer you settings and tools to share the job post and we finalize by sending you the top 10 resumes.

As simple as that.Our objective is to take the stress out of the equation for you, give you back the time consumed in the process, and improve the hiring process, reducing costs and turnover.

Why not just use an ATS instead?

Here's Why.


Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are powerful tools when it comes to the hiring process. They automate the screening tasks, and the job posting to boards among other things.

But they’re not a silver bullet.

While useful, these systems present disadvantages that could (and probably will) overlook or disqualify applicants that otherwise would have been considered, hired even. Here are a few of them:

Qualified candidates might be overlooked or discarded.

These systems base most of the scanning on keywords. If those keywords are not present in the application (or if the recruiter misspelled them) the system will simply discard them.

Unsual CV format?

You might as well not have applied at all, because an ATS will -for the most part- reject documents that It can’t read or interpret.

Inability to read or decode graphics.

Like, at all. As if it wasn’t hard enough, beginners and pros alike tend to create resumes that look nice in an attempt to stand out. They often ignore that they’re doing themselves a disservice, because an ATS couldn’t care less about pretty images.

You get the idea. These systems discard what they don’t understand, and MANY applicants don’t even know what the system is looking for in the first place, so they go in as if they were blindfolded, hoping for the best.

Of course, that seldom works.

Good ol’ Human beings.


At Jobsifer, the process of going over resumes is done by humans.

Your satisfaction is paramount, so we´ll take as much time as necessary. Since we’re solely focusing on this we can go over a particular resume as many times as needed without compromising the final delivery time.

We’ll take into account those nuances a software is incapable to see, reading between the lines to truly understand if an applicant is a good fit.

Not all resumes will make it though, but you can rest assured every single one will have a fair chance at moving ahead, and we sincerely hope at least one cute, ballsy or unusual resume finds its way into the top ten.

Who knows? maybe that's how you find that next awesome employee.

Reduce turnover.
Increase new hire’s performance.
Keep your managers happy.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to recruit the best talent for your organization without the hassle of going through