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The great resignation, the job hopper economy…what else is coming?

Features thatwill help younavigate this new normal.

Dead easy way to sort out ineligible applicants:

We screen candidates using a máximum of 4 YES/NO questions, based on your requirements. Questions must be crystal clear, and they set a baseline for what is an absolute must for that particular position.

Personalization every step of the way:

Making the applicant feel like an actual person is important to us. So, we strive to do so by personalizing the application form, the messages the user receives, and whether they qualify to apply or not (ESPECIALLY if they don’t). Didn’t make the cut? We’ll send a personalized email -on your behalf- explaining why they didn’t.

You’ll be able to review the messages beforehand -should you choose to do so- to make sure they’re on brand.

Very simple platform to use:

Just log in, start a new campaign and then sit back, relax and wait for the results. We won’t be bothering you unless we absolutely have to!

Evaluation matrix:

We have developed a 9 points matrix to evaluate every resume we receive. Each point carries a different “weight”, and all together shape the final score.

Set time limits:

You can define when the form starts receiving applications and when it stops. Once it does, candidates will no longer be able to apply for the position.

On a Budget? No problemo.

If you want your campaign to receive a fixed set of resumes, say 100, you can do so. Just let us know the maximum number of resumes you want us to process and we’ll do the rest.

Shortlinks for easy sharing.

We provide you with an easy-to-share short link that you can use in your job post, social media, website… everywhere really. We also provide you with stats so you know how many times that particular link was clicked.

The link also offers a time limit feature, so you don’t need to delete a post or worry about it 6 months later: after the limit has been reached the user will be redirected automagically to a new URL informing them that the process is over. The destination page can be also used for marketing purposes if you desire.

Receive just what you need:

No matter the number of resumes received, we’ll send you the 10 best results, alongside a campaign report. Do you want just 5? That’s fine too. Maybe you couldn’t find the right candidate in those 10 initial resumes. Don’t worry! We’ll send you 5 more.

Reduce turnover.
Increase new hire’s performance.
Keep your managers happy.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to recruit the best talent for your organization without the hassle of going through