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How does it work?

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Completion signals

A percentage indicates how much is left to finish.

Conversational style

The application form eases the user into answering questions in a more user-friendly way.

For the applicant, everything begins here.

This form takes the candidate through the questions that will allow us to determine if they're a good fit for the role.

If they are, they'll land on a page that allows them to upload their resume.

resume upload page -

Informed, every step of the way.

Candidates are not left hanging in the air. We keep them in the loop, clearly stating where they are in the process and what the next steps will look like.

This is of course positive for the applicant, but also good for you and your brand; candidates often complain about being forgotten after applying for a job.
Well, not anymore!

For the HR Pro, however, is a bit different.

Right after creating an account, they'll be taken to their user profile. There they can receive messages from us (and of course reply) and see relevant info for them.

They can also start a new campaign, a form including all the necessary elements to configure a new sifting campaign.

With the campaign ready we provide a shortlink to be used everywhere you publish your job post. That link takes every applicant to our form and allows us to collect their resumes.

All projects in one place.

As resumes pour in, we start sifting them and running them against our matrix to build a resume index.

We use a kanban board inside an advanced project management system to sort every project; we drag and drop them among different boards so we can get work done more efficiently.

Stats to keep you on top of things.


This new option appears once the campaign is running.


Use this link everywhere to promote the job application.

General info

This is the basic information about your campaign.


We'll be updating you on the numbers regarding your campaign.
We like to know what's going on. These simple yet useful stats will tell you how the campaign is performing.

The shortlink becomes a key piece to help you spread the word about the position you're trying to fill; use it everywhere!

All donefor you.

As the campaign ends, we select the 10 best resumes by score and prepare a package to send alongside a campaign report.
Before sending it we let you the number of resumes reviewed, the amount owed, and the paying details.
Once payment is settled we send you everything you need.

Reduce turnover. Increase new hireโ€™s performance. Keep your managers happy.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to recruit the best talent for your organization without the hassle of going through