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New Campaign

Now we need you to define a maximum of four (4) requirements to make the first cut. These are meant to weed out those who, under no circumstance, can apply for this particular job. They need to be Yes/No questions.

Examples are:

  • Are you able to work in the US?
  • do you have a degree in chemical engineering?
  • Do you have 4+ years of ascertainable experience?
  • Are you 18+?

Keep in mind:

  • You don't need to submit all 4 questions, just add those you need to.

At this point you probably have some sort of candidate profile, including a list of key experiences, skills, traits, etc, that you consider essential for the job.
We need you to write them down here, so we can screen candidates according to your specific needs.

Examples are:

  • Desired educational level
  • Most importan skills
  • Relevant experience

Include as many as you need; the more detailed your candidate depiction, the better results we'll be able to deliver.

Now, we need to know for how long your campaign will run.  Once the date is reached candidates will no longer be able to apply for this particular job.

What do you want the shortlink to look like?
Type what you want after

Additional Setup 

These aren't mandatory but could help reinforce your brand image and tone.